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Preparation for NEET exam is no more a stress and it's all fun. All that you need is a right approach for preparation. NEET exams is not all about studying. It is about getting the feel of how the actual NEET exam will be and how will you be assessed on the exam. For this, you need to prepare in a way, where you can take up more and more mock exams, which is timed. You also need to be prepared with the tactics on deriving at the right answers and sensibly attempt the questions as you will be penalized with negative marking for wrong answers.

Also, you need to realize there is a lot of competition among aspiring medical students and in fact the number of eligible students are more in number than the available medical seats in various colleges. It just doesn't require thorough study, but also requires knowing where you stand compared to others.

Through Victo App NEET challenges, you will get to take challenges, which are the mock NEET exams. These are timed exams and you will be getting scores and you will also be benchmarked against other Students, who have taken the same challenge. If you want to come out of flying colours in your NEET exam, if you ready for the NEET challenge and if you think you need to follow the right approach for your NEET preparation, download VICTO App today and get started with the NEET challenges.

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